Nicorette Inhalator

The Nicorette inhalator is a nicotine replacement therapy  (NRT) designed to relieve withdrawal symptoms and cravings associated with quitting smoking. It can be used to replace all cigarettes or to gradually reduce smoking. This method is particularly useful in situations where smoking is not possible or desirable, such as in smoke-free areas or around children.

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niccorette inhalator

When you reduce your cigarette intake or quit smoking altogether, your body craves the nicotine it’s been accustomed to absorbing. This craving signals nicotine dependence, often accompanied by unpleasant feelings. The Nicorette inhalator provides relief by releasing nicotine as you draw air through it, absorbed into your body through the mouth’s lining, effectively easing withdrawal symptoms and cravings. While the Nicorette inhalator doesn’t offer the same ‘buzz’ as a cigarette, it helps manage cravings. Using NRT, like the Nicorette inhalator, instead of smoking offers numerous benefits. Correct usage is vital for optimal results. Despite concerns about nicotine, the real dangers lie in cigarette toxins like tar and lead. Smoking doesn’t address stress causes and leads to severe health issues, whereas NRT aids in managing withdrawal symptoms like irritability and anxiety. Additionally, it can help control weight gain during quitting attempts. While NRT is safer than smoking, the ultimate goal should be complete cessation of smoking when you’re ready.

To effectively use the Nicorette 15mg inhaler, start by setting it up: remove the sealed plastic tray and foil, assemble the mouthpiece, and insert a cartridge. When using the inhalator, inhale deeply or take shallow puffs, whichever feels comfortable, as both methods deliver the same amount of nicotine needed for craving relief. You can control the frequency and duration of inhalations based on your preference. Each cartridge provides approximately 40 minutes of intense use, which can be divided into multiple sessions throughout the day. Remember to replace the cartridge once it’s depleted to continue using the inhalator effectively. For further information please refer to the Patient Information Leaflet.

Transitioning to the inhalator as a replacement for cigarettes is recommended. Gradually decreasing the number of cartridges used until complete cessation is achievable, typically after several weeks or months, is advised. If quitting smoking isn’t feasible or you’re not yet prepared, substituting as many cigarettes as possible with the inhalator is beneficial. Cigarettes contain harmful toxins, whereas the Nicorette inhalator offers a safer option for both users and those in proximity. Cutting down on cigarettes can also bolster motivation to quit altogether. The Nicotine inhaler uk proves handy in situations where smoking is impractical or undesirable, such as social gatherings or work environments. Combining the use of the inhalator with behavioural therapy and support enhances the success rate of quitting attempts. If discontinuing the use of the inhalator poses challenges after quitting smoking, seeking guidance from healthcare professionals such as doctors, nurses, or pharmacists is advisable.

The Nicorette inhalator, like any medication, can elicit side effects. Many of these effects stem from nicotine, mirroring those experienced through smoking. Upon quitting smoking or reducing nicotine intake with the inhalator, individuals may encounter nicotine withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms can manifest as irritability, low mood, anxiety, restlessness, decreased concentration, increased appetite or weight gain, cravings to smoke, sleep disturbances, lowered heart rate, dizziness, blurred vision, nausea, coughing, constipation, bleeding gums, mouth ulcers, or swelling of nasal passages and throat. For a full list and further details on side effects refer to the Patient Information Leaflet

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