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There are several reasons why a woman might desire to postpone her period, such as when she has a holiday or special event coming up. You can successfully delay the start of your period with our effective treatment, allowing you to better adapt your lifestyle and avoid any annoyance from your period.

To observe positive results, begin taking Norethisterone three days before your menstruation is expected to begin.



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What are Period Delay Tablets?

Period delay tablets are a type of medication that can be used to postpone menstruation. It’s a method of preventing a period from occurring. In most cases, a woman’s period will begin within 30 days of the last time she had one. You can extend the time before your period by 17 days by taking a period delay pill. Norethisterone is the name of the pill that prevents menstruation.

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Delay Period Pill

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What are Period Delay Tablets and How Do They Work?

Period delay pills, also known as Norethisterone, are a type of medication that helps to postpone menstruation. This is how a period is postponed. To begin, begin taking the pill about three days before your period is due to begin. Then, until you want to resume your period, take the pill three times a day. Finally, stop using Norethisterone, and your period should start within three days.

How Long Can Norethisterone Help You Postpone Your Period?

You should start taking Norethisterone three days before your period is expected to begin. After that, you can take Norethisterone for up to 20 days. You should be able to postpone your period for 17 days as a result of this. You are not required to take Norethisterone tablets for the entire 17-day period; however, you may stop taking them at any time. After you stop taking period delay tablets, your period will start again in three days.

What are the names of period-stopping tablets?

Norethisterone is the name of the period-stopping tablet. Here at MedsforLess, you can purchase Norethisterone. Most nights of the week, we have Norethisterone shipping available. You can see an estimate of when your Norethisterone tablets will arrive during the checkout process.

Is Norethisterone Effective in Resetting Your Cycle?

Yes, Norethisterone will alter your cycle’s start date. Your period can be delayed for up to 17 days if you take Norethisterone for a long time. Your period will start three days after you stop taking norethisterone. The date on which your period begins again is your new cycle date. If you don’t delay your period again, you can expect another period about 30 days after your current one ends.

How does period delay work?

Norethisterone is a progestogen-type hormone-containing period-delaying medication. When you’re ovulating, your fallopian tubes release an egg, and your body starts producing oestrogen and progestogen in preparation for pregnancy. Your hormone levels will drop again if the egg is not fertilized, and the uterine lining will begin to break down. The uterus lining is what we experience as a period, so delaying it requires keeping our hormone levels stable.

Your period won’t start until the extra hormones are gone, which is a few days after you stop taking the tablets, because norethisterone gives your body extra hormones that mess with your normal cycle.

What are the advantages of delaying your period?

Aside from the obvious and most intended benefit of delaying your period when it would otherwise be inconvenient, Norethisterone has a number of other advantages. It has the potential to not only change the timing of your period, but also to make your bleeding lighter and your period less painful. The extra hormones may also help to reduce the number and severity of premenstrual symptoms like mood swings, bloating or stomach aches, headaches, and skin or hair changes.

What is Norethisterone and how does it work?

We sell norethisterone, a popular period delay medication, on MedsforLess. The link above will take you to a store where you can purchase Norethisterone. Norethisterone can cause a three-week period delay.

This medication’s advantages include its complete safety and the ability to postpone your period for up to two weeks. There’s no evidence that your period will be heavier when it finally arrives, and symptoms are frequently lighter than normal. You also don’t have to worry about disrupting your regular cycle because your body will correct itself by one week each month after the delayed period until you’re back on track.

Norethisterone, on the other hand, is not a contraceptive and should not be used in conjunction with a contraceptive pill (either combined or progestogen-only). MedsforLess’ online doctor service is here to help, and our friendly prescribers will make sure you only get medication that’s right for you.

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