Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation occurs when a man ejaculates too soon during sexual intercourse, generally with little stimulation. What this entails has no set time limit; it’s entirely up to the man and his partner to decide. However, it’s a problem that can lead to poor sex and frustration.

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What is the definition of Premature Ejaculation?

When having sexual intercourse, premature ejaculation is defined as ejaculating too soon. There isn’t really a definition for actual time. It’s not a case of “quicker than X minutes equals premature ejaculation”; rather, it’s about what a man and his partner find acceptable.

The time it takes for a man to ejaculate and the number of men who complain about premature ejaculation varies greatly; one man who takes 2 minutes may not consider it a problem, while another who takes 5 minutes may consider it a problem. As a result, rather than just the time it takes physically, a doctor will usually consider the emotional and psychological effects on the man.


It’s a common problem that most men face at some point in their lives, but the causes are numerous and not always obvious. In general, the condition can be divided into two types: lifelong and acquired.

Premature ejaculation that lasts a lifetime means that the condition has been present since puberty. Psychological factors such as a childhood sex-related trauma or a cultural background that views sex as shameful are usually to blame. It could also be the result of a man’s adolescent conditioning to ejaculate quickly in order to avoid being caught.

Premature ejaculation acquired means that a man developed the condition sometime between adolescence and now. Physical conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes, as well as serious conditions that cause nerve damage, can have an impact (such as Multiple Sclerosis). This type, like the lifelong condition, can be influenced by psychological factors. Conflicts and relationship issues, as well as stress and depression, are all common causes.

Excessive excitement, performance-related nervousness, and other forms of anxiety are likely to be among the most common causes. It affects men under the age of 35 the most, but it also affects those dealing with new situations, such as new relationships, new experiences, or new conflicts.

Premature Ejaculation

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Premature ejaculation can be treated with medication in a number of ways, and there are two main options to consider. Priligy is a popular oral medication that has been praised for its efficacy in treating the condition. It works by altering the levels of a chemical in the brain called serotonin. Serotonin levels rise, which causes ejaculation to be delayed.

Another option is to take a topical approach. Premature ejaculation at the penis can be treated by reducing sensation and thus lengthening the time it takes. Although condoms are a good place to start, EMLA cream (a local anesthetic) is far more effective. The cream numbs the penis enough to allow the man to keep going for longer when applied to the penis (and then wiped off) before sex. Both Priligy and EMLA can be purchased safely on UK Meds, and the doctor’s service can assist you in determining which is the best option.

The treatment for this condition will largely depend on which type you have (lifelong or acquired), so it’s important to figure out which one you have. Because the cause of lifelong premature ejaculation is more likely to be psychological, you could try counseling or behavior training in addition to one of the medications.

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