Elastic Fabric Roll Plaster

Elastoplast Adhesive Tape provides essential support and fixation for strains and injuries. It effectively secures wound dressings, ensuring they stay in place for optimal healing. Designed to offer reliable support, this adhesive tape is perfect for managing injuries and aiding recovery.

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Elastic Fabric Roll Plaster

Elastoplast Fabric Elastic Roll Plaster (2.5cm x 3m) provides moderate compression to support tendons and ligaments when wrapped around a joint or muscle. This versatile, flexible adhesive tape can be used for securing wound dressings, gauze, or compression pads to prevent strains and support injuries. Its good elasticity allows for adequate movement and a comfortable feel, while strong adhesion ensures bandages and compresses stay securely in place. The tape, available in a 3-metre length, comes in a compact, easy-to-use roll, making it perfect for first aid kits at home or on the playing field. Suitable for all ages and normal skin.

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Do not use elastoplast fabric plasters roll directly on skin if sensitive to adhesive tape. To avoid circulation problems, do not apply tape too tightly. Change dressing daily to ensure a clean healing environment. If the sprain or strain is severe, seek medical advice. This product contains latex and colophony, which may cause an allergic reaction.

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