Elastoplast XL Fabric Plasters

Ectoplast XL Plasters are designed with an extra-large wound pad to provide superior coverage and protection for cuts, grazes, and wounds. The XL wound pad ensures complete sealing around the injury, preventing contamination and promoting a clean healing environment. Ideal for larger wounds, these plasters offer reliable and comprehensive care.

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Elastoplast Flexible XL Fabric Plasters

These flexible XL plasters, measuring 5cm x 7.2cm, are perfect for covering larger wounds, especially on joints like knees and elbows. Their extra flexibility and breathable, 100% latex-free material ensure comfort and adaptability. The non-stick wound pad protects and cushions the wound, while the strong, water-repellent adhesion keeps the plaster securely in place. Always apply without stretching the plaster to maintain its effectiveness. Ideal for joints, these plasters provide reliable protection and support.

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To apply, first clean the affected area and gently dry the skin. Apply the Elastoplast fabric plaster without stretching it. Use each plaster only once. Because of their strong adhesion and non-stick wound pad, Elastoplast first aid plasters effectively manage minor injuries and ensure the plaster stays securely in place.

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