Eumovate Cream

Eumovate, containing clobetasone butyrate 0.05%w/w, is a steroid medication that effectively reduces swelling and irritation. It is primarily used to alleviate redness and itchiness  associated with mild skin conditions like eczema, dermatitis, nappy rash, or insect bites. Additionally, it can help reduce inflammation of the outer ear.

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Eumovate cream

Before using Eumovate, it’s crucial to discuss with your doctor or pharmacist if you’ve had an allergic reaction to another steroid in the past. Extra caution should be taken when applying Eumovate around chronic leg ulcers, as there’s an increased risk of local allergic reactions or infections. If your doctor has advised using this medication under an occlusive dressing, particularly in children’s nappies, ensure the skin is thoroughly cleansed before applying a fresh dressing to prevent infections. Be cautious when applying Eumovate cream uk to thin skin areas like the face, as it may absorb larger amounts, and avoid using dressings or bandages on the face where the cream is applied. Prolonged use on the face may lead to skin thinning. Avoid applying the cream on broken skin or within skin folds, near the eyes, or on eyelids to prevent potential complications such as cataracts or glaucoma. In case of accidental ingestion of a large amount of Eumovate, rinse the mouth with plenty of water and seek immediate advice from a doctor or pharmacist. If an infection develops, consult a healthcare professional promptly. For further information refer to the Patient Information Leaflet

When using Eumovate, typically apply it up to twice daily, and this frequency may decrease as your skin improves. Remember, this cream is meant for external use only. Avoid using it on large areas of the body for extended periods, unless specifically instructed by your doctor. If you’re also using a moisturising emollient, allow sufficient time for Eumovate steroid cream to be absorbed before applying the emollient. If applying the cream to someone else, ensure you wash your hands after use or consider using disposable gloves. Should your skin condition not improve after four weeks of consistent use, consult your doctor for further guidance. For further information refer to the Patient Information Leaflet

Like all medicines, Eumovate can cause side effects, though not everyone experiences them. If you notice your skin condition worsening, develop a generalised rash, or experience swelling while using Eumovate, stop using it and inform your doctor immediately. These symptoms could indicate an allergic reaction, infection, or the need for alternative treatment. Other potential side effects of Eumovate include a heightened risk of skin infection, allergic skin reactions, burning, irritation, itching, or pain at the application site, as well as rash, bumpy or itchy skin, and skin redness. Rarely, it may cause increased hair growth, changes in skin colour, skin thinning, increased susceptibility to damage, weight gain, facial rounding, delayed weight gain or growth retardation in children, thinning and weakening of bones, cloudy lens in the eye (cataract), increased eye pressure (glaucoma), elevated blood sugar levels, sugar in the urine, high blood pressure, or decreased levels of the hormone cortisol in the blood. If you experience any of these side effects, consult your doctor. For a full list of side effects refer to the Patient Information Leaflet

When applying Eumovate cream for face, do so only under the direction of your doctor, as the Cream should not be used for extended periods due to the facial skin’s tendency to thin easily. Avoid getting the cream into your eyes. In the event of using more Eumovate than recommended, whether through excessive application or accidental ingestion, seek medical attention promptly to avoid potential adverse effects. If you forget to apply Eumovate eczema cream, administer it as soon as you remember, but if it’s close to your next scheduled application, wait until then. When considering discontinuing Eumovate use, consult your doctor beforehand, especially if you’ve been using it regularly, as stopping suddenly may exacerbate your condition. For any further queries regarding the usage of this medicine, consult your doctor or pharmacist.

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